Previous Site Updates - December 2001

Links Updated
12/12/01 Nomad

I have updated the links section with more supported sites and another link banner.

Ricky Warwick Tour Diary
12/12/01 Nomad

The official site now has Ricky's tour diary online, and an interesting read it is too, you will need Flash installed on your computer to view the diary but it's well worth it. To whet your appetite here's a small extract:
"The gig has been sold out for a week and the place is packed and goes fuckin' mental, the crowd singing every word. What's really satisfying is how the new stuff goes down. It never ceases to amaze me how passionate and full on Almighty fans are, the fuckin' best!"
Follow this link to go to the tour diary.


Magazine Article Scans Added
09/12/01 Nomad

I have started a new area within the Articles Section of this site to show scans of various magazine articles featuring The Almighty, to jump to the first page of scans to be added to this site follow this link.

Tour Photos
05/12/01 Nomad

If anyone has any photos from the recent tour dates that you would like to see on this site, please e-mail them to any photos would be most appreciated and full credit will be given.

The Almighty in Metal Hammer!
05/12/01 Nomad

There is an article on The Almighty in the latest issue of Metal Hammer (uk issue) and in my opinion it's about time too ;)

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