Previous Site Updates - October 2001

Picture Gallery Changes
31/10/01 Nomad

I have made a few minor changes to the various picture gallery to try and make it more structured, I have also added a couple of new / old pictures.
To jump straight to the various picture gallery follow this link.

Loads To Report
25/10/01 Nomad

It's all happening for The Almighty at the moment.
First off the new album is out and it's a cracker, if you haven't picked up a copy yet then WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT? If it's a sample you need then either hop on over to the official site for some sample downloads or drop into
and download the MP3 of 'GALVANISE'.

Second important bit of news is the official site now has a new forum for which you will need to re-register, it's well worth it though as it's an excellent forum. The old forum had about 70 registered users but only a handful that actually posted, lets see if we can't make the new forum into 'THE' Almighty forum to post on! To go straight to the new forum follow this link.

Finally, if anyone wants to review the new album for this site it would be most appreciated, you can send any reviews to
I will review it myself as soon as I get chance. ;)

Right that's enough from me, see you in the new forum!

'Psycho-Narco' Audio Samples
17/10/01 Nomad

There are three audio samples from the forthcoming album 'Psycho-Narco' available online at the official site. The samples are from the following tracks, Galvanize, Hate The World and Waiting For Earthquakes.

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'Psycho-Narco' European Release Date
16/10/01 Nomad

The Almighty's new album 'Psycho Narco' is to be released throught Europe on Monday 22nd October through Sanctuary Records, a UK tour will follow during November / December. For full details of the new album plus the upcoming tour dates check out the official site,

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Official Site Back Online
16/10/01 Nomad

The official site is now back online with a great new look to it, the official forum is also back so make sure you drop in and say hello.

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