Previous Site Updates - April 2002

Almighty - Best of CD
30/04/02 Nomad

According to both and an Almighty - Best of CD entitled 'Wild & Wonderful is to be released in the UK on 6th May 2002, below is the track listing as shown on the HMV website, the CD can be pre-ordered from both HMV & Amazon for 6.99 which seems good value for an 18 track CD.

Track Listing: Destroyed / Power / Full Force Lovin' Machine / Wild And Wonderful / Detroit / Blood, Fire And Love / Lay Down The Law / You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet / Free 'N' Easy / Hell To Pay / Little Lost Sometimes / Bandaged Knees / Devil's Toy / Bodies / Addiction / Powertrippin' / Takin' Hold / Keep On Rockin' In The Free World.

Two Live Photos Added
05/04/02 Nomad

I've just added two pictures of Ricky from a gig at the Mayfair, Newcastle some years ago, many thanks to Daftanth for sending these photo's in and allowing me to put them online. To go straight to the Live Photos section follow this link.

Ricky's Solo Gig Photos
02/04/02 Nomad

I've added 5 photo's to the site which I took at Ricky's recent solo gig in London, you can see the photo's by following this link.

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