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Wild & Wonderful Release
31/03/01 Nomad have Wild And Wonderful down as a new release on the 2nd April 2001, unfortunately they have no other details on this release other than it's price £6.99. If I can find out anymore info I will post it here.
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Amighty In The Studio
25/03/01 Nomad

Ricky Warwick's most recent post on The Almighty forum at:

Hey, Just a quick note to let you all know whats going on.
We have been in the studio with New York producer Daniel Rey [ramones,misfits,white zombie,circus of power,being some of the bands he has produced] for the last 3 weeks and have recorded 14 songs which are sounding fuckin awesome.We have a new bass player called Gav Gray who is a Tattooed, tarantula keeping, Newcastle united muthaf**ka from South Shields. Got a couple of weeks off before we start mixing so I will be back home in Dublin and online. Things are very good in The Almighty camp right now. All the best from myself,Stump,Nick and Gav.

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