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Why Do I Like The Almighty?

I discovered The Almighty while standing with a huge crowd in the middle of Donnington Park on the 22nd August 1992. The announcer came onto the stage to introduce from Glasgow, Scotland - 'The All Loud, The All Wild, The All F**king Mighty', and wham two seconds later I was blown away by 'Crucify'. At the end of the set 'Wild And Wonderful' smacked me full on and is still one of the best live tracks I've ever heard by any band, the crowd participation in this track was totally amazing and being part of it is something I will always remember.
Ever since that day I've had a passion for their brand of hard hitting British rock and 'Powertrippin'' is one of my all time favourite albums (partly because it has the whole Donnington set with it as a bonus disc - if I'm feeling low a quick blast of that set soon brings back the smile).

The Almighty have never managed to fill their full potential in my opinion and by now should be a major British rock act, unfortunately due to rather lack lustre promotion from their various record companies in the past, it just hasn't happened mores the pity.
The band actually split after the release of 'Just Add Life' in '96 feeling that things just were not going right for them.
However in 2000 'The Almighty' roared back into life with a new album 'The Almighty' and a new record label Sanctuary Music, If there's a one record company that should be able to promote this band properly it's Sanctuary!

The new album 'The Almighty' is a real return to form in my opinion with an awesome power to it along the lines of 'Powertrippin''. I bought this album on day of release and couldn't wait to get home and give it a blast through the stereo, I certainly wasn't let down with my favourite tracks being 'Broken Machine', I'm In Love (With Revenge) and 'For F**k's Sake'.
The guys did a few gigs in late 2000 which I unfortunately was unable to get to but they are currently sorting a new album out which will hopefully see them tour again later in 2001, If the new album is anything like as good as last years we're in for a treat and I won't be missing the next tour I can assure you.

If you want to find out a little more about this Great British Band then check out their official website

I hope by adding this small Almighty section to my site that a few of you out there discover just what your missing if you don't have an Almighty album or two in your collections.

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