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This section of the site contains details on all of the band members from The Almighty and includes members past and present.

Brief History

The following was written by Dave Ling and transcribed by myself from the booklet which accompanies the 'Wild & Wonderful' compilation album released by Spectrum Music in 2002.

The Almighty were perceived as something of an overnight success, a notion encouraged by their signing to Polydor Records after just a dozen public performances. But behind the scenes, the quartet had been rehearsing three times a week for the previous 12 months, honing their sound, writing and re-arranging material. What they came up with was a rivetingly hooligan compote of punk rock attitude and screaming hard rock guitars. The Almighty were rawer than a recently picked scab, and just as enjoyable and bloody.

Then, as now, the band's driving force was guitarist/vocalist Ricky Warwick. Having served his apprenticeship via a spell as a fill-in guitarist with New Model Army, the Northern Ireland-born youngster brought his musical vision to a line-up that included guitarist Tantrum, bassist Floyd London and drummer Stumpy Monroe. As he said in late '89:"The four of us set out to form the sort of band that we'd go and see ourselves."

Their live debut took place at the Rooftops in Glasgow on 2nd March, 1988, and The Almighty (the name came to Warwick in a dream) began supporting anybody who would let them, including Motorhead, Gun, Wolfsbane, The Ramones and, er, Horse (London). Their earliest gigs were charged with a remarkable energy level, as I discovered upon inadvertently walking in on them opening for a band called God at London's Marquee Club. Five major labels had tried to sign the band, yet they eventually settled with Polydor.

The resulting album, 'Blood,Fire & Love' was greeted with unanimous critical acclaim. "Their riffs are primed to inflict maximum destruction", boomed RAW Magazine, while Kerrang! claimed: "They do not just play music, rather they pick up some guitars and shovel it in your face." And Sounds rightly hailed them as: "Loud, greasy and soon-to-be-legendary gits!"

After the low-price mini-album 'Blood,Fire & Live', former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor produced their second studio disc, 'Soul Destruction', in 1991. It was to be their last with Tantrum, quickly succeeded by Canadian Pete Friesen, who was stolen from Alice Cooper's band. With the following album, the Mark Dodson-produced 'Powertrippin'' (1993), the new-look band worked their way onto that year's Castle Donington bill, which was an achievement considering Warwick had been a paying customer just three festivals earlier.

But disaster was on the horizon. After opening for Metallica at Milton Keynes Bowl, the band jetted off to the States, where at one particular show they'd been booked to support a Metallica tribute band in front of just 60 people.

The Almighty's business problems overwhelmed them after 'Crank' ('94) and 'Just Add Life' ('96), and Warwick split the group to form his own band, (sic).

Since reforming last year with ex-Whatever guitarist Nick Parsons filling the Friesen role, they've cut 'The Almighty' for Sanctuary Records. 2001 finds them in good health and spirits, with several British tours under their collective belts. "I'm proud to condsider myself somebody who's making a living out of being am alternative musician," Warwick told me earlier this year. "Our niche is being a very punk rock heavy metal band, and long may it continue." Hear, Hear.


Band Members Past & Present

Ricky Warwick
Vocals, Guitar
Stumpy Monroe
Nick Parsons
Gav Gray
Bass Guitar
Floyd London
Bass Guitar
Pete Freisen

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