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This site is my small web based tribute to one of the most hard hitting rock-metal acts to ever emerge from the U.K.

This site is not intended as a constantly updated news provider but more as a dedicated Online Archive for all things related to The Almighty, Ricky Warwick's Solo career, Black Star Riders and Ricky's other bands over the last few years.

If you are after the latest news on the bands or Ricky's career, please check out the Official Almighty Site the Black Star Riders Site or Ricky's Official Site.

Brief History of this site:
Back in late 1999 I was searching on the net for information about one of my favourite bands, The Almighty. Unfortunately at that time there was very little information about the band available online. This being the case I decided that maybe I should have a go at creating my own online Almighty Archive and was born.

The site was originally hosted for me by my friend Dan and stayed online until early in 2003 when due to increased financial pressure my friend had to close his server down. This was a bit of a blow to the site as I could not afford to host it elsewhere at that point in time and the site had to move onto a free web space provider. I vowed as I still owned the domain name that when I could afford it the original url would return.

In 2006 the site returned with a new look and and what I hoped would be a new lease of life, unfortunately though my personal circumstances changed dramatically and I couldn't update the site so it remained as a static archive until the spring of 2012.

Hopefully the future of the site is now a little more certain and should see an increase in content and updates over the months and years to come.

Can I thank everyone who has either contributed to or visted this site during it's up and down existence, without your support it wouldn't have been half as enjoyable to put together.

Keep it All-Loud, All-Wild & All-F**King Mighty,


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